How do I book an appointment? 

For appointments, you can submit the consultation form, we will get back to you with available dates, and a price estimate. Please note that to successfully confirm and set an appointment a “Non-Refundable” $100 deposit is required, this deposit will be applied to the final price of the Tattoo. CONSULTATIONS ARE ALWAYS FREE

How much does a Tattoo cost? 

I charge by the piece depending on the style, size and intricacy. Some Tattoos require more time to complete even if the size is relatively small.

What happens to my deposit in case I cannot make it to my appointment?

Deposits are “No Refundable” Please give at least a 24hr notice to cancel an upcoming appointment and we can arrange a different date for you, your deposit still counts even if you change your mind and get a different piece. You can also use your deposit to purchase our merchandise, aftercare and other goods. 

Do I get a design/drawing prior to my appointment? 

In order to create a true custom Tattoo we draw and design everything the day of the appointment.


Please do not come hung over, drunk or under the influence of any drugs.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Have some food in your system or bring snacks and water.

Be rested and healthy.

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